Science and engineering research have been playing a tremendous role in shaping our world. When we talk about research, doing the experiments and writing those papers are the intangible components of cooking something in the lab.

So once we have that publishable data, the next challenging task is to put those findings on a paper and communicating it with the world.

We all know how difficult it is to produce publishable data and reproduce them, moreover it takes a great effort put those results into a publishable paper.

Writing a manuscript is a laborious effort from reading the literature to crafting your argument in a coherent way.

During the writing process you will endlessly modify your manuscript by making the changes suggested by your advisor and send many emails for each of the updated draft to finally give it a polished look.


Is f there any tool which simplifies this process? Authorea is one such kind of research editor, which lets your write, cite, collaborate, host and publish all your research in one place.



And the best part is you can use Authorea for free for as long as you want, with unlimited public articles and collaborators. Authorea is used at all 100 of the Top 100 research institutions worldwide and is rapidly becoming the place researchers go to write.


Some of the killer features of Authorea are


  • WRITE. Writing a research document or article should be as easy as writing a blog post. Authorea is the only editor to support plain text, rich text, LaTeX, and Markdown in the same document for maximum versatility.

  • CITE. Authorea incorporates popular web databases for one-click citations and bibliography building.

  • COLLABORATE. Every document is written to a Git backend. Similar to modern software engineering workflow, each Authorea document presents diff histories.

  • HOST. Authorea supports data behind the documents.

  • PUBLISH. Publish a machine-readable research article to the web with the click of a button. Or, export to more than 8,000 journal styles.

  • Here is the video to show how easy and seamless is to write your research collaboratively.

Founder’s journey

Harvard astrophysicist AlbertoPepe and Berkeley experimental physicist Nathan Jenkins met while working at CERN, the birthplace of the World Wide Web. Frustrated with the cumbersome and antiquated ways research was written in collaboration and disseminated (MS Word documents, email attachments, etc.) the two created a modern, web-native, Git-based document editor with a suite of integrated scientific tools. Alberto and Nathan soon left their jobs as scientists to work on Authorea full-time.

Excited to write your research paper seamlessly? Go ahead and sign up at


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Mahantesh I. Biradar



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